Forms and Waivers

The following forms and documents are required for each student to participate in CyberCamp @ UCF. Please complete and SIGN each form, then submit to us through the link provided below. Please note that forms must have an actual signature or an electronic signature – we cannot accept forms that have names typed into the text boxes. If needed, you may print the forms, sign, then scan the forms to be submitted.

  • Medical Form AND a copy of the child’s insurance card
  • Code of Conduct
  • Release-Waiver Form
  • Sign-In/Out Form This form allows students to sign themselves in every morning and out every afternoon without a parent/guardian present. Students who are carpooling or driving themselves will be required to have this form on file prior to attending camp. Students may not sign themselves out prior to the end of camp for that day unless arrangements have been made between the parent/guardian and camp coordinator (i.e. leaving early for a doctor’s appointment).
  • Photo of child for ID purposes (school photo, head shot, etc.)

Click here to submit your forms/documents by June 27.

*Waivers sent to us by those who have not received an invitation email and/or confirmed their participation will be discarded. If you have questions or need assistance, please email us at